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The Death and Rebirth of Happy Cloud Reviews

Guys, I haven’t written a blog post in about four months. Four. Months.

So I’m just going to brief you on what’s going on with my family currently.

It has been 6 months since my entire life changed with my mother in laws passing. I dropped out of college (originally to take care of her, but she passed the day of my appointment to drop…which made for a messy morning). My father in law bought a house 15 miles away and has been very slowly re-renovating and moving into that house. And we have been here taking care of business.

Mini Cloud started special education preschool 3 weeks ago and has improved by leaps and bounds with her speech.

And finally, hubs applied for job that could possibly change our lives forever.

Otherwise, I have been on and off of Twitter, mostly reading and writing.

I know I have said “I’m coming back!!” only about a billion times in the past half a year, but I promise that this is it. I am officially back. I am scheduling reviews to be posted. I am making it a point to be active on Twitter. I will be scheduling tweets with older reviews in case you have missed them because I have sucked at being a blogger lately.

But most importantly, I am actually posting reviews through the next 2 months. I am determined to be better about this. While some reviews have fallen to the wayside, I promise I am going to catch up! I am going to continue posting on Goodreads (which I need to update with reviews already live) and probably post them onto Amazon to help the authors out. I’ve been meaning to do that forever, but life continually gets in the way of getting everything done.

So now that I’m back, I promise that I have another huge giveaway planned (if hubs gets this job it’ll happen sooner than I anticipated!) and I’m debating between making it another Twitter giveaway or making it a blog giveaway.

Basically, I’m back. I let my blog die with my grief but I am ready to return and discuss the books I love and hate. I’m ready to actually do something with this blog. I’m ready to be happy doing what I love again.

I’m back. I swear this time.