Happy Cloud Reviews

Hi! My name is
Coley and I am a
26 year old book
lover from Illinois.
Books, next to my
family, are my life!

Review Policy

Our Review Policy

I am currently accepting review copies in print and e-book format. E-books I ask to be in mobi (Kindle) or epub (Google play) format.

The genres I read are:

  • Young Adult Contemporary (including Romance and Coming of Age)
  • Young Adult Dystopian
  • Young Adult Paranormal
  • Some Young Adult Fantasy and High Fantasy
  • New Adult (non paranormal)
  • Some Adult Romance, depending on the synopsis

Books I decline to read:

  • Erotica of any kind
  • Horror (I choose my own horror books)
  • Anything religious based (including Christian romance)
  • Non fiction, memoirs, biographies, how to books, etc.
  • Most Adult fiction with the exception of Romance.

While I cannot guarantee I will read everything I accept and receive, I do try my hardest to read what I can in a timely manner. With that said, I cannot read everything. Every book I do read also gets a review.

Reviews are posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I post about my reviews via social media sites:

  • Twitter (link to review)
  • Facebook (link to review)
  • Instagram (link to review)
  • Goodreads

Please email happycloudreviews@gmail.com with any questions or requests. Emails are always answered within 48 hours.